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Located at Worli in Mumbai, this 3 bhk apartment overlooks the Arabian sea and shapes into a minimalistic and clean lined design.
The clients desired a visually light and airy space, which would give unhindered view of the sea.
Self textured wallpapered walls form the backdrop of the living room, tinges of color are introduced into the room by the use of loose furniture and the warm toned veneer cladded window ledge.
The introduction of granite inlay pattern to the existing marble flooring of the house forms an interesting contrast with the muted walls. Complimenting materials are used to highlight certain areas. Like, in the kids bedroom, the veneer cladded podium bed along with fluted glass and textured laminate shutters highlight the linearity of the room.
While, in the master bedroom grey toned floral wallpaper compliments the tone of veneer on the wardrobe adding an understated elegance to the room. 

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